How to learn the methods of preparation of typical Roman dishes.

In the homes of the inhabitants of Rome it is customary to use the fruits of the earth, used for a cuisine with simple but intense flavors, always synonymous with quality and freshness. Lazio produces many of the products guaranteed by the slow food garrison, such as the tellina of the Roman coast, Caciofiore of the Roman countryside, the Marzolina and Lentils of Rasciano, the lilies of Palestrina, just to mention some of our excellences.The palate is gratified by an unforgettable taste experience: homemade pasta such as carbonate, cacio e pepe and fettuccine.With our Cooking classes you can experience the style of the Mediterranean diet (declared intangible heritage of Unesco) thanks to the wise hands of our Massaie you will learn the methods and secrets of preparing typical dishes roman tradition: from fried in a pan, the scalded bark with Roman dumplings, the saltinbocca and polenta with pork sauce.For info and reservations: and